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LABOratory for Research on Emotions and Representations

From Brain to People

Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Émotions et les Représentations



Psychological studies on people's functioning

The ELABORER conducts studies on the role of emotion and personal and social representations, such as memories, in people's lives. We investigate these processes through various human behaviors, such as motivation, sexuality, and resilience, and through several social structures, such as romantic and interpersonal relationships, work, family, and social groups. The ELABORER is located at the Université du Québec à Montréal, in the department of psychology.

Research in psychology,
a fundamental aspect

One of the objectives of this research that shares the ELABORER is to improve people's mental health and well-being. We particularly seek to improve the mental health of everyone. Because human beings never stop to develop and growth psychologically across life. It is this development and growth, this reflectivity on oneself that we cultivate. The ELABORER collaborates with several universities established in the province of Quebec, such as the University of Montreal, University of Quebec at Montreal, and McGill University.

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