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Current Research Projects

Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Émotions et les Représentations



Here are different research projects or programs on which the ELABORER currently works. These projects pertain to episodic memories and their role in various human lives, interpersonal relationships, sexual beahviors, and reflexivity. You can access the articles mentioned here in the publications section of the present website.

Research program on episodic/autobiographical memories

This program of research seeks to study the functional role of episodic memories in everyday life on people' s attitudes, decisions, judgment, and behaviors. Various contexts and variables are studied, such as psychological well-being, romantic relationships and singlehood, emotional regulation, or performance and well-being at work. Studies that have been conducted show that episodic memories have an important impact in people's lives and that this effect frequently occurs outside of their awareness. Although people are not aware of the impact of some of their episodic memories in their lives, these memories influence, nonetheless, their attitudes and behaviors in various important contexts of their lives.

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Philippe, F. L., Koestner, R., & Lekes, N. (in press). On the directive function of episodic memories: A look at romantic relationships. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Research project on the role of human sexuality

This research project was established in order to examine the role that sexuality can play in people's lives. The sphere of sexuality is often conceptualized as depending on sex or explicit sexual behaviors. Here, sexuality is rather conceptualized as a sexual drive that can motivate several different behaviors that are seemingly not related to sexuality (e.g., concentration, competition, friendship). We examine the different forms that can take this drive, as well as the different consequences stemming from it. Sexuality as related to types of attachment and types of sexual passion has been investigated. We currently examine the role that the different types of sexual passion can have on behavioral persistence.

Beaulieu-Pelletier, G., Philippe, F. L., Lecours S., & Couture, S. (2011). The role of avoidant attachment in extradyadic sex. Attachment and Human Development, 13, 293-313.

Philippe, F. L., Vallerand, R. J., & Beaulieu-Pelletier, G., (2012). Sexual passion: Toward a dualistic model. Manuscript under review.

Research project on reflexivity

This project seeks to examine the existence of different mental states and whether they can be validly measured. Mental states are defined as the quality of one's capacity to mentally elaborate and remain open to one's subjective experience in the here-and-now. Various mental states are studied as a function of different types of situations along with the consequences these can have on mental health and behaviors.

Beaulieu-Pelletier, G., Bouchard, M-A, & Philippe, F.L., (2012). The protecting and hindering effects of high and low mental states in ego depletion. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Beaulieu-Pelletier, G., Bouchard, M-A, & Philippe, F.L., (in press). Mental States Task (MST): Development, validation, and correlates of a self-report measure of mentalization. Journal of Clinical Psychology