Laboratory for Research on Emotions and Representations
University of Quebec at Montreal

The ELABORER studies the role of emotion and personal and social mental representations, such as significant episodic memories in people's lives. We study these processes through various human behaviors like motivation, sexuality, and resilience, and through different social structures, such as couple relationships, interpersonal relationships, work, family, and social groups. The ELABORER is part of the University of Quebec at Montreal, department of psychology.

One of the objectives of the ELABORER is to improve mental health and well-being of all individuals. Because humans never stop developping and growing psychologically throughout life. It is this development, this reflexivity about oneself, these mental representations about the self to ELABORATE that we seek to study. The ELABORER collaborates with many other researchers across the world.


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Beaudoin, J., Bouizegarene, N., Fortin, A., Philippe, F. L., & Vallerand, R. J. (in press). The role of sexual passion in romantic relationship functioning: A dyadic analysis. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.
Lejeune, A., Bouizegarene, N., & Philippe, F. L. (in press). The moderating effect of couple-related memory networks on the association between attachment insecurity and couple adjustment. Personal Relationships.

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The ELABORER is always looking for new participants to take part in our psychological studies. Most of our studies can be completed over internet and others take place at our laboratory at UQAM. For most online studies, if they are short, a draw for several cash prizes (ex., $125) is held. For other studies or for laboratory studies, participants are paid between $10 and $125 per study. The amount varies as a function of the time necessary to complete the study and of its level of complexity.

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The ELABORER is proud to be associated with several partners from the academic and larger social community in conducting studies and in disseminating research results.

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Laboratory for Research on Emotion and Representations
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